Trae Day 2012

Every year since July 22, 2008, TRAE has hosted an event where he has brought out artist like Rick Ross, Lupe Fiasco, Big Boi and many others to preform for the community, AIDS & HIV testing and giving school supplies to the kids. This year, TRAE was focused on the kids. He had Reebok giving away shoes, and TRAE’s Angels on the snow cone and popcorn machine. He had on unbelievable amount of school supplies  that he was giving away! One thing you can say about TRAE is that he truly cares about his city and those whom are in need. 
Moments Captured by: Loso & Ms. In The Know of Houston TREND

By Loso on July 25, 2012-Houston Trend Magazine

By Damali Keith, Reporter-FOX 26 NEWS/MyFoxHouston

Jul. 22, 2013

Trae Day annual rap concert (2013)

Thousands gathered at Reliant for Family Fun Day, better known as Trae Day, hosted by Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth. "If I'm continuously getting blessed from the man up above why not share them with somebody?" asks Trae. He has spent tens of thousands of dollars a year for the last six years to give Houston children a day of fun, all absolutely free of charge. "I had a mother who would give use her last. I experienced the struggle. I just know sometimes people need help," explains Trae.

Kids at Trae day enjoyed bounce houses, games and amusement park rides, "I'm looking forward to the bungee jumping," says 11 year old Taylor. There was also a petting zoo "I have touched the tortoise and the donkey. I haven't touched the lamb yet," says 12 year old Tatair. The kids are also given free school supplies. "It's a big financial relief. It's money that can go toward other things," says Houston mother Tiffany Shekori.

"I think it's good. Most people really need the stuff they're giving way. I really need the shots for college," says 19 year old Raishelle. That's right, complimentary vaccinations were also given, as well as free HIV testing.

As for the school supplies? "I like school. I like math and social studies and science," smiles 8-year-old Heaven who was just heavenly to talk with. Heaven says she also received free school supplies from Trae Day last year "And I got mostly all A's. Out of the whole year I only got one B," says Heaven.

The crowd was also in for a night of free concerts. Some of the performers include "Problem, Trinidad James, Lil Scrappy, to name a few," says Trae. "As a kid I remember just getting free stuff was cool. We could have gotten stickers but the parents probably really appreciate Trae Day," says rapper Problem who performed for the crowd.

"No matter what happens to me this is something I will do the rest of my life," Trae says. This is the first year the event is being held at Reliant. "Hopefully this will be a brand new start with a relationship with Reliant," Trae explains. In previous years the event has had some safety issues. Trae says his own children also enjoy the event. He says safety for all of the children is his number one priority. Reliant, of course, has it's own security. There was also quite a police presence this year at Trae Day at Houstonians enjoyed the fun.

Trae says he came so close to securing a giraffe for the event but it didn't quite happen. "Maybe next year," smiles Trae. "Thank you Trae," yelled one little girl right after she said she was having the time of her life. Thousands of Houstonians enjoyed the 6th annual Trae Day at Reliant from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Trae Day 2013 Video Recap

By Marco Torres

Jul. 23, 2014

Trae Day 2014

Six years ago, in the sweltering summer of 2008, the City of Houston bestowed a proclamation upon one of its citizens, a certain Frazier Othel Thompson. Rap fans know the man much better now as Trae Tha Truth, Houston's own "King of the Streets." The following year, the city was rewarded with "Trae Day," a free family block party and concert that has become an annual extravaganza of music, carnival rides, health screenings, school supplies and giveaways.

So much has happened since the first "Trae Day," both in the city and in Trae's personal life and rap career. A dispute with 97.9 The Box and subsequent ban from the station's airwaves only fueled Trae's urge to work, first aligning himself with Lil Wayne's camp and then signing with Grand Hustle, the umbrella label run by the self-proclaimed "King of The South," Atlanta's own T.I. Trae also suffered the loss of his brother "Money" Clip D and associate Dinky D to gun violence. A bullet even managed to find his shoulder, although he would make a full recovery from the shooting.

Despite all of the adversity, Trae Day lives on as one of Houston's most anticipated annual events, and Tuesday's 2014 edition at NRG Park was full with memorable moments.

Trae Day 2014