About (ABN) Angel By Nature, Inc.

With the encouragement and inspiration of Trae's oldest brother, Charles Hughes, a.k.a. Dinkie, along with the support of family friend, Rosey Ruiz of Aspire To Win, Angel By Nature, Inc. became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2008.  It is dedicated to improving life for individuals who have been affected by hardship and impoverishment, especially the underserved youth.  It is the organization’s ultimate goal to:

• Encourage underprivileged youth to embark upon a journey of lifelong change

• Empower disadvantaged youth with opportunities to channel their talents and engage in their respective communities

• Offer enrichment activities and programs that lead to decreased violence while combating peer pressure and bullying

• Utilize innovative methods in order to nurture healthy self esteem and positive physical image

• Motivate youth to take on leadership roles and pursue higher education.










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